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AEStro Audio Analog to Digital Converter

The mAEStro AADC-100 accepts balanced stereo analog audio inputs and converts them into a single digital bit stream in compliance with the AES/EBU (AES3) and S/PDIF digital audio standards. It generates 24-bit values and uses 128 times over-sampling for extremely accurate and linear analog to digital conversion, as well as offering a high dynamic range with exceptionally low total harmonic distortion and noise. The rugged self-contained metal enclosure has a number of mounting options from desktop, to rear side-rail rack mounting, to ganged front-side or rear-side rack mounting. This permits the unit to be mounted as close as possible to the audio source equipment while consuming a minimum of rack space.

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  • Highest Precision (24-bit) analog-to-digital conversion in AES3 standard.
  • Exceptional dynamic range with extremely low distortion and crosstalk.
  • 28X oversampling at the ADC for best linearity and performance.
  • Reference input with automatic frame rate detection for locking to any AES3 source.
  • Front panel LED's for reference lock, and left and right channel overflow.


Dynamic Range



Common Mode Rejection

Analog Left/Right Inputs
XLR Female, >10K Ohm,
13V RMS Full Scale

AES3 Reference Input
XLR Female, Balanced
110 Ohm, 2-7V p-p

AES3-ID Reference Input
BNC, 75 Ohm Unbalanced,
0.8-1.2V p-p

AES3 Output
XLR-Male, Balanced 110 Ohm,
5V p-p

AES3-ID Output
BNC, 75 Ohm Unbalanced,
1V p-p or Optical (TOSLINK)

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