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New! - OmniSnake Digital Audio Snake System:
The OmniSnake consists of a Stage Box that converts microphone/line-level analog inputs to a multiplexed digital signal, and a companion Base Unit that de-multiplexes to provide individual outputs. Digitizing the analog audio at the source eliminates the potential for ground loops, noise interference and crosstalk. Each Stage Box has 8 inputs, and two Stage Boxes can be linked together via coax to form a combined 16 channels, which is carried over coaxial cable to the Base Unit.
The Base Unit provides monitoring of each de-multiplexed audio level, plus gain switches to remotely control each of the microphone preamp gains. A single power supply provides power to all units via the coax cable, eliminating the need for external power on stage. Both analog and AES3 digital audio are available at the Base Unit for maximum flexibility. An AES3 reference input on the Base Unit locks the digital outputs to a common source. No more cumbersome multi-cable audio snakes. 16 channels of pristine digital audio, one 75-Ohm coaxial cable!!

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  • 24-bit, 48 kHz sampling rate A/D Converter with 128x over-sampling
  • Up to 1,000 feet of coaxial cable
  • Phantom power on microphone inputs, switchable in groups of 4
  • No power needed on stage, DC is fed through coax
  • External AES3 reference for locking to house clock
  • Three remote controlled microphone preamp gain settings in 10 dB steps
  • Fully balanced microphone and line inputs for optimum hum rejection
  • "Smart Start" DC power on coax prevents accidental damage to other equipment
  • Both analog and AES3 digital outputs


Audio Output Level
Analog: +4 dBU nominal
AES3 Digital: 1volt p-p
Audio Output Impedance
Analog: 50 Ohm, balanced
Digital: 110 Ohm, balanced
Audio Input Connectors
Neutrik combo XLR-1/4" stereo
Audio Output Connectors
Analog: Female 25-pin D-Subminiature (ProTools configuration)
Digital: Female 9-pin D-Subminiature
AES3 Reference Input Level
0.2 to 2.0 Volt p-p
AES3 Reference Input Connectors
DC Input Voltage
36 - 75 Volts DC
DC Input Current
~400 mA
DC Input Connector
2.5 mm Mini-Power, locking
Operating Temp.
10-50 degrees Celsius
Operating Humidity
10-90% RH NC

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